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The mission of CHU and WATERS, LLP is to provide innovative, personalized, cost-effective accounting, advisory, and forward tax planning services to our clients to facilitate the realization of their personal and corporate business goals.

Our Practice Area

Our firm has extensive working knowledge and experience with the financial reporting, financing needs, and tax matters of the middle market business environment. In addition, we have close working relationships with major and local banking institutions as well as equipment leasing companies relative to the financing and capital needs of our clients. At CHU and WATERS, LLP we are able to service each client through a single account administrator/partner with distinct audit or tax staff as additional support. This service approach allows the firm’s management team to provide versatility to its clients through high level expertise in both financial and tax matters, while designated audit and tax staff supply maximum task efficiency. This approach differs from national firms, where financial reporting is handled by one partner and tax matters by another.

The CHU and WATERS, LLP system of quality control for the accounting and auditing practice was recently reviewed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) as required for AICPA membership. The AICPA's report stated our system of quality control met the objectives established by the AICPA.


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Our Consulting Team



Jeffrey D. Chu

Jeffrey D. Chu is a graduate of Santa Clara University with an emphasis in accounting. He has since been a member of numerous startups. Since then, he’s been working as a consultant to many companies ranging from large corporations to small restaurants all over the world.



B.A., Business Administration




Thomas Vo, CPA

Thomas Vo has over a decade of accounting work under his belt, working as a Senior Associate at KPMG and as well as a Lead Internal Auditor for Intuit. He’s served as the Direct of Finance and Information Technology for the past 3 years until leaving to start up the consulting arm of Chu & Waters, LLP.



Masters, Accounting

B.A., Accounting
Beta Alpha Psi, Member